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Friday, 22 September 2017

Best Hacking Apps of 2017 for Android

September 22, 2017
Android devices have become very popular. With the increase in the demand for smartphones which uses Android OS, the hackers are also getting more and more interest in Android Hacking Apps. Now a lot of hacking apps for Android devices are available on the market. These hacking apps provide the features of hacking games, apps, and hacking WPS enabled WiFi networks.

So, here in this article, I will discuss the top 5 and the best Android Hacking apps which will blow your mind, and you should also use these apps too.

Best Hacking Apps of 2017 for Android

Below is the list of the top and must to use hacking apps if your mind attracts you in hacking and cracking.

zANTI is a mobile security testing app which will let the security researchers find the risk level of a network by pressing just a single button.
zANTI apps help the IT Security Administrators to find and identify malicious techniques which may cause the security breach in any network.
If you are interested in hacking, then this is a must to have app.
You can download zANTI from its official site.

Freedom APK
Freedom APK is not a very common app, but it is a master hacking app for games. It is best for hacking Games for getting the advance features such as coins and cash for free.
The working algorithm is simple, you just need to click on the Buy button, and the app will show you fake credit card, and you will be able to pay for the features even without paying to the app developers.
You can download Freedom APK from their official site.

WiFi WPS WPA Tester
If you want to hack Wi-Fi network of your neighbors, then it's a must-have app. This app allows you to hack the Wi-Fi passwords of available networks which allow the WPS. The app has a success rate of 45% which is very good.
I have personally tried the app, but I got success on old routers. As the new routers are more powerful, so the chances of hacking using this app are less, but most times it works like fire.
You can Download WiFi WPS WPA Tester from Play Store.

SB Hacker
We all love games, and when it comes to buying coins or cash from a Game, we start hating our loving games because mostly we don't want to spend a lot of money in games.
In this situation, the only thing you can do is to hack the game.
But how to Hack a Game?
Well, it's not that easy to hack any Android game, but most of the games can be hacked using some tools. A viral and working tool for Hacking Games is SB Hacker.
So, if you are a game lover and want to hack some games, then you should give a try to SB Hacker too.
I have not personally used this tool but my one friend has decided this hacking tool, and it has a success percentage of 60% which is good.

Fing Networks Tools
Do you want to know how many users are currently connected with your Wi-Fi connection?
I know you want because it rings a bell in your mind.
You just need to download and install the Fing Networks Tools app on your Android device upon launching the app it will show you the list of all the available networks.
Simply select the network, and you will see all the connected users.
I have personally tested and used this app, and it is amazing, you can also see the device information which is connected such as device model, etc.
You can download Fing Networks Tools from Play Store.

Everyone wants to hack some Facebook account, and I think you ma also be interested.
If yes, then Faceniff is a very cool app for hacking Facebook and Twitter.
But this app is not as other apps.
Faceniff has a success rate of 70%, and it works only when you and your victims are on same Wi-Fi network.
If your victims are far away from you, then I am sorry this app will not work for you. On the other hand, if your victim is sitting in the side-by house and is on the same Wi-Fi network which you are using too, then you can hack his Facebook.
You can download Faceniff from its official site.

XModGames APK
XmodGames APK is one of the most used Android apps which has thousands of users worldwide, and it's incredible for winning the games you love.
If you are a game lover, then this app is for you.
The app doesn't hack the games it has the modded data of the games which are the shortcuts to the programming of the game, and when you use this app, then XMod Games provides you the facility of hacking the game by offering that alternative (mod) in real time.
In this way, XMod is one of the best Android hacking apps, and it works very well.
You can download Xmod from its official site.

So, friends, this was a list of best Hacking apps for Android if you enjoy the list then please share this with your friends too.
I hope you will give a try to these apps too because you need some cool hacking apps to brag with your buddies.
Whatever, I will love if you share this post with your friends too.


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