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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

MNM Motorcycles New Plan Information & Guide - MNM Motorcycles Pvt Ltd

September 12, 2017
MNM (Mian Noor Muhammad) Motorcycles Pvt Ltd a investment based company changed (updated) his working plan on 11th September 2017. During this change MNM Motorcycles Pvt Ltd Changed its old plan completely. In This article I'll provide all information about MNM Motorcycles Pvt Ltd's new plan.

MNM Motorcycles New Plan

What is The Change in New Plan:

1. Entry Fee:
The new plan consists of lots of changes. The main change is that the company changed Entry Fee. Old entry fee was Rs. 25500/. Pkr but the new entry fee is Rs. 32500/. Pkr. 

2. Delivery Duration:
The new plan changed the delivery duration also. Old delivery duration was 45 days but the new delivery duration is 35 dyas. If you want to re-invest then the entries the duration will change to 30 days or if you want get a bike or money then you have to wait for 35 days for receiving your money or bike. This is also a big change in MNM Motorcycles Pvt Ltd's new plan.

3. Car Achievement:
The new plan changed the car achievement plan. The old plan was based on at least 729 entries to get car achievement but the new plan changed it completely. In the new plan you need at least 366 entries to get car achievement. 

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New Plan vs Old Plan:

           Plans                      New                             Old             
Entry FeeRs. 32500/. PkrRs. 25500/. Pkr
Delivery Duration 30-35 Days45 Days
Bonus per EntryRs. 7500/. PkrRs. 10500/. Pkr
Car Achievement on366 Entries 729 Entries

So, this is the new earning plan of MNM Motorcycles Pvt Ltd. The plan has many big changes as described above article. If you like this article then please share with your friends, partners, team, prospects & with leaders also. 
If you have any problem or you want to earn with me then you can contact me or you can comment below.

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Contact Details:

Name: Faisal Nouman
City:    Toba Tek Singh
Contact timing is 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 


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