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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Best Online Jobs in Pakistan For Students Without Investment

August 10, 2017
The main purpose of this site is to provide you top 10 weightier online jobs in Pakistan without registration fee or investment so that you can earn money online. Internet jobs in Pakistan are not easy to do especially if you are a student and want to do a job in Urdu. Many people asked me Data Entry Online Jobs and Google Jobs at home in Pakistan but what well-nigh other ways which are relatively easy and gives you a handsome value of money. Don’t waste your time here and there and start doing online work from today. Many websites allow the user to earn money without investment. So you need a list of websites who allows you to work online without investment and make you an online earner.
Best Online Jobs in Pakistan For Students Without Investment

Earn money online in Pakistan is the yearning of every living person in this region. This is why the majority of Pakistani people such as students, housewives and low-income earning ones found to squint part-time or full-time online jobs. As we are well enlightened from the economic situation of the country, therefore, the job has wilt most essential requirement for everyone in Pakistan. This post is expressly written for students considering education is very expensive in Pakistan, therefore, students are unable to withstand the educational expense and they squint for online jobs. The Google stats says that thousands of Pakistani people search on the internet for best, possible and original ways to earn in Pakistan but very, unfortunately, they lead to some scam or fraudulent websites which are ready to trickery them. As the cyber-crime is increasing very rapidly in the world of internet and it’s on peak expressly in the countries like India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.
Due to this alarming situation, people hesitate to start work but question is that where to find real and paying online sources in sub-continent countries like India and Pakistan? Don’t worry because we are going to share the real ways for earning. Well, there are various ways to earn online in Pakistan but here we will only share the easy and highest earning available sources in Pakistan so let’s start


Make money with Blogging is the most famous and reliable way to earn a huge amount. In past, very few people knew well-nigh online earning with blogging in Pakistan but as soon as time passed people have got stow of information well-nigh this source of income and today they are totally reliable to earn with blogging. So if you want to start earning in Pakistan, you will have to create a blog (free of Cost) equal to your choice.
The first thing is that you will have to select the topic or idea in which you have strong writing skills such as you can create a blog on news, health, education, tutorials, sports, mobiles, technologies, fashion, idealism etc.  Everything which is washed-up qualitative and original will be warmly wanted by the internet. Just you will have to bring well-nigh 300 to 400 traffic to your blog/website then join the online telecast companies such as Google Adsense, Infolinks,, Kontera, Chitika, ClickBooth & Clicksor.


Youtube is the video-sharing website ranking 2nd in the world. You are worldly-wise to watch millions of variegated kinds of videos on Youtube but you may never know that it is moreover one of the weightier sources of online income as millions of people virtually the world are earning handsome value with Youtube so, if people are making money so why not you?? Youtube yet not has introduced the Partnership program in Pakistan but despite this there are several ways to earn with Youtube such as if you make your own videos such as tutorials videos, SEO videos, product promotion videos or any other than Youtube will offer you the opportunity to wilt partner with them.


Freelancing is one of the most important and popular sources to earn online without investment. There are 03 major websites which are offering Freelancing services to the people wideness the world such as,, and There are thousands of people on the mentioned websites who are unchangingly in wait of people on rent who work for them specifically such as content/article writing, making logos on Corel Draw, web designing, web marketing, wacke Photoshop etc. What does happen? they offer you work by signing the online contract with $$$.
When you make contact with them and well-constructed the specific task within the stipulated time then submit, without submission they will pay the payment which was decided on the time of contract. Good thing is that there is stow of work misogynist on the mentioned websites, only you will have to a nonflexible worker and unswayable then you can earn plane huge money with,, and
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Make money with Data entry is the third popular way to earn in Pakistan and India without investment. You will have to pay nothing to start work with online companies. There are many online internationally well-known companies that are offering data entry/ captcha entry work to people virtually the world. In data entry jobs you will have to type 1000 words and visitor will pay you $1. The requirements of this job are a personal computer, typing speed of at least 25 WPM with good accuracy. If you have a typing speed of 25 words per minute then you can type 1000 words approximately in 45 to 50 minutes, its midpoint you have earned $1 in 45 minutes and if you work 4 hours a day then $4 can be earned easily. The monthly income would be $120 which equates to approximately 12,500/-. So don’t waste your precious time and start earning right now, if you have interest in making money with data entry in Pakistan.


The trend of online teaching has just been started but it is developing very rapidly expressly in sub-continent countries. It is moreover the weightier way to earn online in Pakistan without investment. Most of the people expressly from western countries are found to squint online teachers and Pakistani teachers have very good reputation, therefore, the demand of online skilled and professional Pakistani teachers is increasing day by day. People rent online teachers for variegated kind of subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry etc. Moreover, the trend of teaching Quran online is moreover getting popular and they pay upper value for this purpose. There are much online software which is stuff used for this purpose such Skype and Viber. 

Free Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students with Urdu Explanation:

Best Online Jobs in Pakistan For Students Without Investment

Best Online Jobs in Pakistan For Students Without Investment

Best Online Jobs in Pakistan For Students Without Investment

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